Barley Island Brewery

The term Barley Island is the 17th century name for a room in an alehouse in which beer was consumed. True to its name, Barley Island Brewing Company produces fine ales, which are served in its Old World décor restaurant and pub. Barley Island has an emphasis on freshness - the beer is made from scratch as well as many of the food items. Barley Island’s national award winning handcrafted ales produced on-premise with only the finest malts and hops.  So…Get Stranded with Better Beer™!


A sugary sweet Belgian Blond Ale with a kick of spicy Saphir hops that can only be from Damien, son of the devil. Flashback to...

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Brass Knuckles

Roasted grain aromas complemented by some coffee-light aroma for this medium-full bodied stout. Black color with a complex oat and dark grain flavor. Brass knuckles...

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Flat Top

An unfiltered wheat ale with a light, crisp, refreshing wheat and lemon flavor. Flat Top is served with a slice of lemon in our restaurants...

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Sheet Metal Blonde

A white or wheat ale that is light in body and color with a hazy appearance that is true to the style. Background spices are...

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