Brauerei Heinrich Reissdorf & CO

The town of Cologne, the namesake for Koelsch, not only has more breweries than any other city in the world, but also has a federal law protecting its right to brew this pale, top-fermenting ale (appellation controlee). Koelsch, which has been brewed in Cologne and outlying areas since before 1300, furthermore has a brewers guild (founded in 1396) that mandates certain parameters for its brewing and protects the appellation worldwide. These days Reissdorf Koelsch has almost reached a “cult status” with beer connoisseurs around the world looking at it as a “well preserved secret”. Top fermentation lasts for about eight days with another four weeks of cold conditioning following. Founded on October 4, 1894 by Heinrich Reissdorf and his wife Gertrud in the historic “Severinsviertel” of the city of Cologne the Reissdorf Brewery has established itself as the pre-eminent brewery of the classic “Koelsch”.

Reissdorf Bourbon Barrel

To achieve this beautiful faint-yellow spirit Reissdorf Kolsch ale has been distilled and matured in oak barrels that were previously used to age Bourbon Whiskey. Bitter-wood,...

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Reissdorf Kolsch Edelster

Distilled from the classic Reissdorf kolsch. This clean spirit has an exceedingly malt-sweet palate, well-balanced acidic notes with almost no bitterness, and a surprisingly long...

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