Brouwerij Haacht

Thirty-Two Kilometers northeast of the heart of Brussels, in the town of Boortmeerbeek, is the Brouwerij Haacht, Belgium’s third largest brewery.  In this country of magnificent brewing tradition, the Haacht Brewery is the largest family and independently owned brewery in Belgium, an identity they are very proud of. Haacht is rich in Belgian brewing tradition, the brewery first opened in 1898 when Eugene De Ro brewed his first top-fermented beer.  Today, his family still owns and actively operates the Brewery at the same location.  The Flagship brand is Primus, a Belgium Pilsner, that out sells all but two other brands in Belgium.  Haacht also officially produces Tongerlo Abbey Beers which have been produce for 100’s of years under the watchful eye of fathers of the Tongerlo Abbey. Mr. Frederic van der Kelen, who has been at the helm of the Haacht Brewery for over 45 years, has spent the last 25 years modernizing the processes.  Haacht now is ready for the future, with modern brewery consistency and old world tradition. In short they are an independent, family-run brewery for 110 years.  They epitomize true Belgian craftsmanship.  That is the Haacht Brewery.

Tongerlo Blond

Tongerlo Blonde

A copper colored beer with the aroma of honey. It has a full and smooth flavour and a soft, flowing aftertaste. The age-old tradition of...

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Primus Label


A whole-hearted premium pils with a refined flavor and well-balanced taste. Starts off slightly sweet with retained bitterness, developing into a dry and thirst-quenching drink....

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