Brouwerij Van Viven

Viven, the art of belgian brewing. In 2003, Tony Traen took over Kapel van Viven. Since then, Chapel of Viven has undergone several changes: a brand new look, an improved recipe for the Monastery of Viven, and a new name. Chapel & Monastery of Viven were baptized Viven blond and Viven Brown.

Viven Porter

Viven Porter is a fairly bitter porter beer, smoked to produce grand flavor . Is for the beer connoisseur a remarkable piece of craftmanship compiled...

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Viven Imperial IPA

Viven Imperial IPA is originally from the west coast of America. This recipe, combined with the Flemish brewing art, has an excellent result. It does...

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Viven Blonde

Viven Blond is made by the unique recipe of its inventor Willy De Lobel. The blond Viven is a nice companion to many dishes and...

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