Deer Creek Brewery

Deer Creek Brewery is the end result of a collaboration between long-time friends and colleagues Jeff Eaton and Eric Smith to bring both new, innovative brews as well as old favorites to a broader market. Although new to the market, Deer Creek has the experience, recipes and reputation for quality beer that Jeff, also the brewer/owner of Barley Island Brewing Company since 1999, has cultivated over the years. Deer Creek Brewery expands the passion and reach with this new brand, where history pairs nicely with great beer.

Shady Amarillo Pils

A taste of citrus and light malt aroma gives this Americanized Pilsner a distinct orange bouquet....

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Ryefly IPA

A unique twist for an IPA, the spicy rye malt blends naturally with the tropical fruit flavor of the Citra hops....

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Deerfly IPA

An American India Pale Ale with a big hop presence of grapefruit and tropical fruit flavors and a complex malt backbone. Dry hopping adds to...

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Cork County Red Cream Ale

A light cream ale with a red hue due to CaraRed and crystal malts. This easy drinking cream ale is an Americanized version of...

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