Die Hochland Imker

Die Hochland Imker, “The Highland Beekeepers”, strives to offer outstanding products by adhering to organic principles in the care of their bees. The meadery is committed to preserving the character of this unique Austrian agricultural region; simplicity and honesty are the very essences of these granite uplands, and the Hochland Beekeepers are dedicated to making it possible to enjoy these qualities in both traditional and in more innovative products.


Single Varietal Honeydew Mead

Austrian mead produced of honey from the highly regarded 'forest honey'....

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Single Varietal Chestnut Mead

Chestnut honey is a rare specialty in Austria. The European sweet chestnut only grows in the warm climate of the hilly areas in the south...

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Die Hochland Imker Sparkling Mead

The base honey wine is made from honey collected exclusively from the Falkenstein region and it's fragrant summer flowers. The second fermentation and maturation takes...

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Single Varietal Limetree Blossom Mead

This new single variety lime tree blossoms mead exudes the delicate scent of blossoms harvested from the ancient lime trees and benefits from a subtle...

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