Furthermore Beer

Filling in the gaps where tradition missed out. Making beers that are rare if not unique. Brewing in the "mi casa es su casa" tradition, meaning we use someone else's facility to get beer out of the recipe books and into a glass. Challenge your taste buds today!


Floating Fire

Floating Fire refers to a Viking funeral. It’s the bigger, bolder brother to our seasonal, Viking Afternoon.The two do share hints of smoke and plenty...

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Fallen Apple

My goal in building the recipe for Fallen Apple was to create a seasonal specialty that was in and of itself a celebration. I start...

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Our coffee beer is more "iced coffee" than "double-mocha-mud", more "summer quencher" than "winter warmer". I start with a brown Mexican lager to compliment the...

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Our triple pale is a bastardization of three regionally distinctive recipes that were stacked in unequal measure in order to make a beefy beer which...

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