Gaffel Brewery

The democratic spirit of the Gaffels, trade unions that overthrew the patrician government of Köln (Cologne), is alive today in the Gaffel brewery, whose beers delight and satisfy the palates of beer lovers from every walk of life. This Kölsch style of beer, a cold-fermented, lightly hopped ale, has quickly gained popularity with U.S. brewers as a smooth, refreshing and flavorful alternative to pilsners and lagers, though by decree, only beer made in Köln can truly be called Kölsch. Gaffel has perfected this style to the point that, despite limiting production exclusively to Kölsch beers, it is one of the top ten draft beer producers in all of Germany.

Gaffel Kölsch

This beer combines the smoothness of a lager with the subtle fruitiness and floral qualities of an ale to produce a remarkably light and refreshing...

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