HammerHeart Brewing Co.

The brewery’s name was chosen from the epic Viking metal album "HAMMERHEART" by the classic Swedish metal band BATHORY. Fitting as it involves two sources of endless inspiration for us… metal and Norse mythology. The brewery opened in late Summer 2013, debuting at All Pints North in Duluth, MN followed by the taproom opening in Lino Lakes, MN. HammerHeart Brewing will continue to brew beers inspired by NORSE and CELTIC history, lore, old world tradition, beauty and wonder of dense forests, running water, towering mountains and of course, all forms of heavy metal.



Named after the King of Denmark during the late 900s, who for a time ruled over Norway, Harold Bluetooth (Blåtand), this beer is fermented with...

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Barrel-Aged Dublin Raid

During the Viking Age, many warriors, raiders and second sons left Scandinavia in hopes of new riches and land. Often after a tumultuous period of...

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A beer brewed in honor of and in collaboration with one of our favorite bands, AGALLOCH. The beer was available first in the Twin Cities...

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A smoked Kölsch brewed with only German malts and hops for Octoberfest in honor of our friends, the amazing German metal band Waldgeflüster....

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