Makana Meadery

Makana Meadery in South Africa has its beginnings in a Rhodes University based research project to develop state of the art fermentation technology for producing iQhilika, an African mead. The meadery is housed in a historical Grahamstown landmark on the outskirts of this picturesque educational town in the Eastern Cape of South Africa.

iQhilka Coffee Mead

An exclusive coffee is blended with the Makana Meadery’s Sweet mead to produce a robust beverage ideal for accompanying after-dinner treats.  A bit of caramelized...

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iQhilika Dry Mead

This delicate beverage uses just honey & water as ingredients, but presents a great depth of flavors. Try serving with light fish or chicken dishes....

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iQhilika Cape Fig Mead

A cultivar of ficus carica, the Cape Fig, was spread throughout South Africa in the 1600s and 1700s by early colonists. These trees grew rapidly...

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iQhilika African Chili Mead

This mead has been aged over indigenous African Chili Peppers for a unique spicy hot, yet quite tolerable, sensation. Matured in South African red wine...

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