Schloss Eggenberg

Schloss Eggenberg has been possessed by the Forstinger-Stöhr family for over 200 years. It was mentioned for the first time approximately 1000 years ago, and since the 14th century, beer has been brewed in Schloss Eggenberg. The “liquid bread” was brewed exclusively for the inhabitants of the area at that time. Since 1681, beer specialities have been commercially produced at Schloss Eggenberg. Approximately 200 years ago, the brewery was acquired by the ancestors of today’s owners, and since then constantly developed and modernized.

Samichlaus Schwarzes

The newest edition to the Samichlaus line up is a Schwarzbier. Also brewed on December 6th, and aged for 10 months, Schwarzbier means "black beer"...

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Imperial Nessie

A dark amber, fully fermented Scotch Ale. Brewed with 6 malts, Nessie is warming, with a rich malty sweetness. The finish is long and smoky,...

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Samichlaus Helles

From its forceful aroma of the fruity essences of pears, apples and grapes to a character hinting at anise, pepper, vanilla and fruits gilded in a...

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Samichlaus Bier

Brewed only once a year on the 6th of December, the day of St. Nicholas (Santa Claus), this beer is aged for ten months before bottling....

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