5% abv

Crazy dude writes on everything. Same guy loves good beer. He also loves good freinds. Dude is pretty persistent and calls it like it is… This stuff is the BOMB. His love for sours and fresh, hazy IPAs married in one vessel. Ogelini Thirston III is the HypeMan. So here is the beer.

Munich, pilsner, wheat, and acidulated malts, inoculated overnight with an Omega Lactobacillus culture. Lay a tart, acidic foundation for Mosaic, Cascade, Idaho 7 hops, along with, agave, lime, and strawberry. The result is a summer refresher worthy of a little hype.

Food Pairings: Pizza, Tacos, Sausage

avail: Aug, Sep, Oct


All India Pale Ales



1/2 bbl keg

1984oz per keg


6-4-12 oz can