5.2% abv

13.5 ibu

We all know how wonderful pistachios are. Pistacia vera (genus/species) have been used in culinary applications for thousands of years. For a much shorter period, innovative brewers have employed this tantalizing drupe (that’s right, technically not a nut) to add a luscious character to many styles of beer. Our delicate cream ale really lets the pistachio flavor shine through as the star. The use of Caravienne malt adds a touch more body than some other cream ales along with a pale golden hue. At just over five percent, this is a session beer you’ll want to get crackin’ with.


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1/6 bbl keg

674.56oz per keg


1/6 bbl nitro-keg

674.56oz per keg


1/2 bbl keg

1984oz per keg


1/2 bbl nitro-keg

1984oz per keg


6-4-16 oz can