Monk’s Café

5.5% abv

Owner, Tom Peters of Monk’s Café in Philadelphia was a pioneer in the Belgium Beer movement offering an extensive selection of Belgian Beers and utilizing these beers in the dishes of his restaurant/bar. His passion took him to Belgium where he immersed himself in the culture and met these famous brewers. It was this passion that convinced the Van Steenberge Brewery to bottle its famous ‘BIOS – Vlaamse Bourgogne’ under private label for him. This Flemish Burgundy of the Van Steenberge brewery is an OLD BROWN in style, aged in oak, and is one of the oldest brews made by the brewery, at least brewed for over 300 years. The rest is history…enjoy your Monk’s Café.


All Wild and Sour Beers



20 L keg

676.28oz per keg


6-4-11.2 oz can



6-4-11.2 oz bottle



6-1-750 mL bottle