Piraat Ale

10.5% abv

In the 17th & 18th century, Strong Ales like Piraat were highly prized & sought after by seafaring Pirates and their Captains for its keeping qualities, nutrition & it’s healthy food value. A pint a day was the ration passed down by the Captain to keep his crew in good health & in good spirits. With no drink- ing water on board, wine & strong beer were utilized as they could keep for months on the sea. Piraat exemplifies this traditional brew with a well rounded body & a wickedly rich flavour. The powerful glow builds from the inside with a deep golden hue & soft haze due to bottle conditioning. With aggressive amounts of hops & malts a mild sweetness is coupled with colorful aromas fresh bread, spices, tropical fruits for a complex taste any ‘pirate’ would enjoy!

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30 L keg

1014.42oz per keg


1-1-9 L bottle



1-1-1.5 L bottle



6-1-750 mL bottle



6-4-11.2 oz bottle