Hanssens Artisanaal

Hanssens Artisanaal in Dworp, Belgium is the last independent Gueuze blender in the world. Hanssens Bartholomeaus, former major of Dworp, started to brew lambic in 1871 in the previous Sint-Antonius brewery. Documents have proven that he continued to brew, from 1896 onwards, in buildings located in the Vroenenbosstraat, Dworp. These premises are still used today. The Hanssens Artisanaal buys original wort (1-2 days old) from three different lambic breweries and let it mature in 600 Liter oak barrels—they are left open to induce primary fermentation through airborne yeast—for more than three years. Thereafter, they blend all three different worts whereby no standard recipe is used.