Cantus Caeli

10.5% abv

Inside this bottle is a new type of drink, a new melody like a tune floating in a starry sky, to add to the ancient story of fermentation, a story as old as man himself. CANTUS CAELI (Sky Song) is a completely new type of beverage, skillfully crafted from a marriage of natural ingredients from the very oldest fermented drinks. Mead wort, beer wort and Wine wort are fermented together. Local Piemontese honey is used for the mead wort and local Piemontese Castelnuovo Don Bosco wine grapes are used for the wine wort. The beer wort consists of barley malt and a very small amount of Magnum hops. Top-fermenting beer yeast is used for fermentation. After fermentation in steel tanks Cantus Caeli is matured in oak barrels for four months.


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6-1-16.9 oz bottle