5% abv

The complex aroma is a smoky, peaty blend of sweet, green apples and full-bodied vanilla. The color is an absolutely mouth wateringly rich, golden honey. A truly unique flavor, it is beautifully balanced and the mild maltiness combines with a hoppy character to create a beer that is smooth, crisp, but most of all, incredibly refreshing. The perfect accompaniment for flavorful and spicy Asian foods.

Chang Beer brings out the delicious flavors of Thai cuisine. It’s a perfect pairing for the delicate balance of sour, sweet, bitter, salty and spice found in Thai dishes. In Thailand, food is at the centre of any social occasion. Celebrating good times in Thailand with friends is never complete unless it is accompanied by food… and of course Chang Beer!


All Pilsners and Pale Lagers



4-6-10.8 oz bottle



6-4-16.9 oz can