Around The Bend

Nothing is as exhilarating as exploration. And nothing as satisfying as discovery. It’s as much about the journey as the destination. Our curiosity always takes us someplace unexpected and exciting. Our classic styles have been given a unique taste with rare ingredients seldom found. Pour yourself something from Around the Bend, and we’re sure you’ll find what it is you’ve been looking for.

Maui Gold

Mahalo! It’s summer – time to hang loose and you want a beer that’s gonna let you play all day. This session IPA fits that...

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It’s the most diabolical of plans. Instead of a single yeast strain, Villainous employs four; two British and two West Coast, to make one Super-IPA...

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We all know how wonderful pistachios are. Pistacia vera (genus/species) have been used in culinary applications for thousands of years. For a much shorter...

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Dark Energy

What’s better on a cold winter’s day than sitting down with friends to enjoy a few beers and some lively discussion? And if you’re going...

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