It all began on June 27, 1873 when Luder Rutenberg (A Bremen master builder), Heinrich Beck (A master brewer), and Thomas May (a businessman) came together to establish the Kaiserbrauerei Beck & May, in Bremen, Germany. Located in the upper northwest corner of Germany on the river Weser, Bremen was once a busy trading port and has a rich history of brewing beer. Early Bremen brewers are credited with creating a recipe—dating back nearly 1,000 years—for a heavy barley beer that withstand long sea journeys.

Beck’s Non-Alcoholic

What this brew lacks in alcohol it makes up for in flavor. Beck’s brewmasters stop the fermentation process before alcohol can form, but not before...

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Beck’s Sapphire

A new addition to the Beck’s family for 21-29 year old adult consumers who are increasingly looking for premium beers that complement their trendy style...

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Beck’s Oktoberfest

This seasonal specialty is brewed in limited quantities. Beck’s Brewmasters create the dis-tinctive, malty-sweet, amber-colored brew to help people celebrate the season popularly know in...

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Beck’s Premier Light

With only 64 calories, Beck’s Premier Light is the lowest calorie count of any beer in the market today! Poised to capitalize and capture the...

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