Berghoff Brewery

I am Berghoff Beer. I am a son of the Heartland, and always will be. I quenched the mighty thirst of those who worked the earth and those who rolled the steel and set the rivets, making skyscrapers rise from the prairie. I am rooted in an era that celebrated the boundless opportunities of the American dream, the shadow of which still shapes or lives. I am a promise of better times. I am enduring. Others have come and gone, but I have always held true to my root, let fashion be damned. I am a survivor. I am the honest taste of pure malt and the rough perfume of the hop, and never wanted to be any more or less. I am the real deal.

Mixtur Variety Pack

Berghoff Mixtur is our brand new introductory package for new and exploratory Berghoff drinkers. The Mixtur pack offers 6 different varieties of your favorite Berghoff...

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Black Cherry

The delicious prunus serotina, commonly known as the black cherry, doesn’t disguise itself behind sugary syrups in Berghoff’s Black Cherry Soda. Brewed with the intent...

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Root Beer

During prohibition times, Berghoff offered a draft style soft drink known as “Bergo,” which tasted very similar to root beer. When prohibition ended, Berghoff kept...

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Orange Soda

The fruitful citrus of Berghoff’s Orange Soda won’t make you pucker your lips but will widen your eyes with joyous pleasure. Brewed from their classic...

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