Brauerei Hofstetten

Brauerei Hofstetten was first mentioned in 1449, and has been family owned since 1847.  The specialize in brewing beers using very traditional methods, particularly bock beers.  The family’s great-great-grandfather, a cattle trade, took over the brewery when its former owner couldn’t pay his debts.  It has been in his family since -- over 160 years. In 1998 Peter Krammer inherited the company from his father. He now brews with his team of 9 employees around 5,550 hl of mostly unique interpretations of the classic Bock Bier Style.

Granit Eisbock

Granit Eisbock is produced by freezing Granitbock for several weeks. Water freezes before the alcohol does, and the subsequent ice is removed. The product...

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Hellerbock Saphir

Top-fermenting yeast {type Koelsch} . Quite intriguing as nobody appears to have used a "koelsch style yeast" to ferment strong beers such as bockbeer, barley...

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Original Hochzeitsbier of 1810

Our "Original Hochzeitsbier von 1810" goes back to the Original "Maerzen-style beer" that was served in 1810. Relative to today’s "adjusted" Octoberfestbiers it is much...

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Kuebelbier is brewed according to the historic beer style: Zwickelbier. Zwickelbier comes from the Franconia region in Germany and dates back beyond the Middle Ages....

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