Brouwerij Girardin

The largest of the authentic lambic brewers and gueuze blenders are left in the Senne Valley. The Brouwerij Girardin is a farm brewery, on what was once an aristocrat's estate, at St. Ulriks-Kapelle. The brewery began in 1845, as part of the aristocrat's estate. The Girardins have owned it since 1882, through four generations. They grow their own wheat, brew lambic in winter and produce Pils in summer. The Girardins use 40 per cent wheat in lambic, and still have a mill that grinds the grain between stones. They produce clean, gentle, bitterish lambics with a slight lemon-grapefruit tang.

Gueuze Girardin

A lambic of exceptional excellence, the epitome of traditional gueuze, bombarding the palate with slightly lemon-grapefruit tang. Considered by many to be the finest lambic...

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