Brouwerij St. Bernard

In the most remote corner of West Flanders, in the middle of “Le Plat Pays”, in the heart of the hop area in West Flanders, a beer is made that fancies most beer lovers. In this poetry village, called Watou, time is apparently passing by slower than in the rest of the country. Life over there is different, quieter; where people live in accordance with nature, where tradition and values are honored as if they stand the tooth of ages. This is the case of the Brouwerij St. Bernard. Water, pumped up from a depth of 150 meter is the basis of all St. Bernardus beers. This water is not only the purest but has also a historical background. Scientists have proved that the water that is pumped up now, is originating from rainfall from the time of Jeanne d’Arc.

St. Bernardus Extra 4

Extra 4 is a classic Belgian "Single" style, light golden in color, full of flavor and character and brewed with more hops and bitterness in...

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St. Bernardus Gift Box Sampler with Glass

Holiday gift box with a selection of St. Bernardus Ales - from Brewery St. Bernard in Belgium. This package contains a 11.2 fl. oz of...

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St. Bernardus Christmas Ale

The youngest descendant in the illustrious family of delicious Abbey Ales brewed by brewery St. Bernard since 1946. It is a seasonal ale, brewed annually...

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St. Bernardus Pater 6

From Brouwerii St. Bernard in Belgium, this is a traditional abbey style dubbel, chestnut in color, very fruity with notes of melon and very fresh...

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