Brouwerij Van Steenberge

Like many others of its kind, the Van Steenberge Brewery originated from a ploughland farm, that was also engaged in brewing beer for its own consumption. The first time this brewery was mentioned on paper was in 1784 under the name of “Brouwerij De Peer”. It is very likely however, that there had been a brewery long before that time. The farmer, John Baptist De Bruin, did not leave any written documents behind until that point in time.

De Garre

This is the house beer for the famous pub in Brugges under the same name, De Garre! The pub is well concealed down a long...

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Gulden Draak Gift Pack

Gift pack to include 3 Gulden Draak, 3 Gulden Draak 9000 Quad and a branded glass....

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Piraat & Piraat Triple Hop with Glass


Gift Pack to include 1 Piraat, 1 Piraat Triple Hop, & branded glass....

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Gulden Draak Brewmasters Edition

The famous Gulden Draak dark triple aged in whiskey barrels for six months....

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