De Dolle Brouwers

At the tiny Belgian village of Esen, the Mad Brewer of Belgium creates his famous concoctions. With a capacity of only 900 barrels per year, De Dolle Brouwers dates back to 1835 A.D. They add spices to each of their four seasonals to catch the moods of the seasons.


This is the Spring Seasonal from De Dolle. This brew is one of the first Belgian “Easter” beers. Re-fermented with native honey, “Boskeun” means “rabbit of...

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Special Export Extra Stout

Rapidly becoming the standard for Belgian Stouts, this black brew has a musky, slightly sweet, spicy nose. Lots of chocolate, coffee and some hazelnut notes on...

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De Dolle Dulle Teve – Mad Bitch

A 10% ABV ale brewed in the tradition of a Belgian Triple, this selection has an orange-yellow color and intense white head. Full-bodied with intense fruity...

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Stille Nacht

De Dolle’s Winter Seasonal, and quite a classic. “Silent Night” has the highest density of any Belgian beer at 27 degrees Plato. Full-bodied, dark, tart, and...

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