Domaine Christian Drouin

The Domaine Christian Drouin from the Coeur de Lion estate is located in the heart of “Pays d’Auge” area in an old Norman farm whose architecture is typical of the 17th century architecture of the Auge area.  The family production of calvados, cider and pommeau has been awarded 390 medals and honour prizes. Production of cider at the Coeur de Lion estate is mentioned as early as 1638.

Domaine Christian Drouin Pays D’Auge

The cider is produced in strict compliance with the A.O.C. standard set by the "Institut National des Appellations d'Origine Controlees". The orchard: Currently, apples are...

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Domaine Christian Drouin Poiré Pear Cider

Poiré is a traditional beverage made in Normandy by the fermentation of Pear Juice. Very clear colour with gold highlights. Nose is delicate with pear...

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Domaine Christian Drouin Cidre Comte de Lauriston

This sparkling cider comes to us from the Domfront region, and is more florally & fruity – albeit less complex – than those from Pays...

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