Efes Beer Group

Efes Beer Group, is among the top ten brewers in Europe and employs state of art technologies in its breweries from Adriatic to China. The group employs more than 6.138 people and has an annual production capacity about 18 million hecto liters. The flagship brand of the EBG, Efes Pilsener has earned a rightful reputation for quality, thanks to a production process carried out for years without the slightest compromise to the highest standards in 9 different production sites.

Efes Zero

Efes Non Alcoholic Malt Drink is a refreshing drink for the people who prefer not to consume alcohol....

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Efes Pilsener

"Efes Pilsen" has become synonymous with beer in Turkey since 1969 with nearly 80% market share. It is a lager beer with 5% alcohol by...

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