La Brasserie d’Vapeur

La Brasserie d’ Vapeur is the last brewery that uses steam powered equipment which originated in the last century to brew its world class Saison de Pipaix. The steam provides not only the heat but also the power for the brewing operations which uses belt driven equipment that goes back all the way to 1896.

Vapeur En Folie

Another rustic farmhouse ale from Brasserie a Vapeur, this brew is spiced with cumin. Starts off with an acidic bite, then evolves into a clean but...

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Vapeur Cochonne

Farmhouse Ale using Munich malts, Kent Golding hops and spiced with coriander, roast chicory, sweet orange peel, and candy sugar. Lovely golden orange color with a...

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Saison de Pipaix

An immense depth of complexity and a superb blend of tastes. Each batch goes through three fermentations using Pilsner and Munich malts, Hallertau hops and six...

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