Le Domaine Familial Etienne Dupont

Etienne Dupont has been in charge of Le Domaine Familial Etienne Dupont since 1980, when he took over from his father Louis and his grand father Jules. He has improved the old ocher's and has planted a further ten hectares of small standard apple trees. Today, there are 27 hectares of typical varieties, that is to say 6000 apple trees, for the production of Cider, Pommeau and Calvados. Etienne went to Cognac to learn the art of double distillation and worked in close partnership with an oenologist. From the picking of the apples to the final aging of the Calvados, Etienne Dupont is fully committed to producing the best quality. Quality always comes first, often at the expense of the yield. In 2002, Jérôme Dupont joined Le Domaine. www.calvados-dupont.com


Domaine Dupont Pome

A very special blend of E. Dupont’s unfermented apple juice and his one year old Calvados. This blend was filled into 5 year old empty...

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Domaine Dupont Organic Cidre

The apples and the techniques used to make the cider are in conformity with European standards relating to organic agriculture, “Bio UE”. The apples are...

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Domaine Dupont Cidre de Givre

As a true ice cidre "Cidre de Givre" expresses with intensity the flavors of the apples from Domaine Etienne Dupont. It is derived from E....

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Domaine Dupont Cuvee Colette

The most delicate and elegant expression of Domaine Dupont’s complex apple varieties: 80% of bitter-sweet apples and 20% of acid apples.Wild yeasts are used in...

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