Mateo y Bernabe

Mateo Y Bernabé are changing the La Rioja region of Spain into a land of great beer. Alberto Pacheco, chef and artisan brewer, provides the inspiration for Mateo Y Bernabé, the first and only brewery in the area. His dream is to create beers of La Riojan identity with recipes steeped in tradition, each coming with its own characteristics of wonderful aroma, flavor, and mouthfeel.

7 Fermin

A lovely Spanish Red Ale brewed exclusively with locally grown La Riojan hops, a beer literally steeped in the La Riojan terrain, imparting regional aromas and flavors. 7...

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29 Daniel

Brewed and then aged for 11 months in spent La Riojan wooden red wine barrels, 29 Daniel is reminiscent of a Flander’s Red. A wonderful...

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11 Bernabe

Subtle Malt Sweetness, Light Fruit Tones, Citric Finish, Medium-Light Body, Crisp, Effervescent.  ...

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21 Mateo

Pronounced Yeast Qualities, Fruit Tones, Clove-Like Phenols, Light Graininess, Smooth, Medium-Light Body, Effervescent.  ...

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