For over 125 years, the Possmann family has made traditional German apple wine and apple juice in the manner first handed down by Phillipp Possmann in 1881. Today, Possmann holds true to a spirit of Old World craftsmanship and a dedication to quality. Possmann’s fine wines and juices are now available to our friends in the United States.


Heisser Mulled Cider

Heisser Apple Wine (hot apple wine) is a must during the winter and Christmas season. It is an aromatic drink based from apple wine with...

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Frankfurter Äpfelwein

Frankfurter Apple Wine Possmanns flagship product that has made the company the most recognized apple wine producer in Germany. The Frankfurter Apple Wine is a...

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Possmann 1881

Possmann 1881 is a sparkling apple wine, pressed from a private selection of fine wines, apples, and enhanced by an elaborate, two-fold fermentation process, the same...

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Possmann Pure Cider Rosé

The uncompromisingly perfect hard apple cider from Kelterei Possmann Frankfurt Germany. Created with 100% pleasure, 0% compromise, Possmann Pure Cider has a perfect balance of...

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