Sandford Orchards

Sandford Orchards is a traditional farm business, pressing juices and ciders for an ever growing market, both here and abroad. Our methods are simple and so is our ethos: we only bottle the best. We are enormously proud to have been recognized for our endeavors. We are a family business full of passion for our products, we believe that Devon ciders and juices are the best in the world – we want you to taste them!

Chestnut Cask Cider

Chestnut Cask is one of a series of special blends showcasing traditional styles of cider. Pressed in 2013 fermented and aged in Chestnut wood. Rich...

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Straw & Oak Cider

It was pressed through wheat reeds and barley straw; aged in oak barrel for one year. Still full of fresh grapefruit, pear and elderflower aroma,...

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