The Wild Beer Co

Our beers are brewed with a combination of ancient and new techniques, with the aim of producing a beer for people who want to discover and understand new tastes and flavors. Exceptional brewing stems from imagination and passion. Brewing doesn’t need to be confined by rules, tradition or ingredients. By adding a Wild 5th ingredient or process to our beers we are giving you a truly memorable drinking experience. Some of our beers will be aged in oak to allow the soft vanilla and rich tannins to help mature the beer, others fermented with wild yeast strains to add layers of flavor and complexity to the beer. Every Wild brew is a result of our Wild minds conceiving, creating and crafting beers that explore the boundaries of the palate.”

Somerset Wild

Fermented with a locally harvested culture of yeasts and bacteria from the orchards that Somerset is famous for. The wet climate of Somerset is perfect...

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Evolver IPA

The exploration of yeast strains and the different results we can achieve are beautifully exemplified in Evolver, a pale ale with a difference. 100% fermented...

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Modus Vivendi

Matured for 30 days in ex-bourbon barrels with a touch of brettanomyces. Wildly different....

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Iduna Cru

Named after an ancient Greek goddess of beer, this is a saison with copious amounts of New Zealand hops, freshly harvested SDomerset apple juice and...

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