The history of the Tucher Bräu started in the year of 1672 with the “Freiherrlich von Tucher’schen Familie” (the family of the Barons of Tucher), an ancient patrician family who settled in uremberg already in the 11th century. In 1855, when the independent city of Nuremberg had long since become part of the Bavarian Kingdom and Tucher was the very first Brewery entitled to call itself the Royal Bavarian Brewery of Wheat Beers, a roaring success began with the purchase of just this Brewery. The new owners introduced into their factory the steam technology and started exporting their kegged beer beyond the Bavarian border. The Moor’s head, which since the year 1300 has been an important part of the coat of arms of the von Tucher family, was incorporated in the brewery’s trademark.


Tucher Dunkles Hefe Weizen

A Bavarian Specialty of dark colored, top fermented yeast beer with typical yeast cloudiness. Its unmistakable taste is due to an excellent choice of dark...

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Tucher Kristall Weizen

A light colored, crystal clear wheat beer specialty without yeast, top fermented, very sparkling, refreshing, thirst quenching, with high natural CO2 content....

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Tucher Helles Hefe Weizen

A traditional, high fermented Bavarian yeast beer specialty with an accentuated wheat beer flavor and high vitamin B contents. Natural yeast cloudiness due to top...

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