Aleman Brewing Company

Aleman Brewing Company was assembled by Nate Albrecht, Josh Bearry, Jim Moorehouse and Brad Zeller. We are a living, breathing Voltron of strengths, opinions and experiences. We are governed by the urban hustle and corn-fed integrity of our sweet home, Chicago. Our loyalties are to each other, our duties are to our families, and our responsibilities are to the communities in which we operate. We tackle problems creatively. We value the importance of personal relationships. And we make great beer.

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Around The Bend

Nothing is as exhilarating as exploration. And nothing as satisfying as discovery. It’s as much about the journey as the destination. Our curiosity always takes us someplace unexpected and exciting. Our classic styles have been given a unique taste with rare ingredients seldom found. Pour yourself something from Around the Bend, and we’re sure you’ll find what it is you’ve been looking for.

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Begyle Brewing Co.

Begyle Brewing offers growler subscriptions through our Community Supported Brewery (CSB) Membership. This program allows us to build a community around our beer and provide a discount to our members, and is loosely based on the community supported agriculture model (CSA). Farm CSAs sell produce shares, and in exchange the customer receives a box or bag of veggies and fruits each week at prices lower than market rate. Similarly, we will offer beer shares to our customers.

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Crystal Lake Brewing

CLB Large

Weʼre Crystal Lake Brewing. Weʼre dedicated to creating approachable, yet distinctive, craft beer. And weʼre proud to be one of Northern Illinoisʼ premier local breweries. We focus on using fresh ingredients, like grain and hops from premium local sources whenever possible. This not only helps to make a great beer, but also allows for the brewery to support a local, sustainable economy. Crystal Lake Brewing: Local. Proud. And dedicated to the craftsmanship required to create truly accessible, thirst-provoking beer — beer that is easy to drink, and hard to put down.

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Lo Rez Brewing

Maplewood Brewery & Distillery

Maplewood opened with the mission to push liquid boundaries in an unassuming building nestled in Chicago’s historic Logan Square neighborhood. The first of its kind to establish brewing and distilling roots under a single roof, Maplewood has been producing finely crafted beer and spirits out of their 10BBL brewhouse and 250L Kothe hybrid still since 2014. Three years after moving into the production facility, Maplewood opened the Lounge, a neighborhood bar doubling as a cocktail parlor and brewery taproom. Beginning commercial distribution throughout Illinois shortly after settling into the Logan Square space, Maplewood has since expanded their distribution footprint into Missouri, SW Michigan, Northern Indiana, Wisconsin and Kansas. Maplewood’s patrons have come to expect expertly crafted beer in a wide range of styles. The name Maplewood was chosen in honor of the former village of Maplewood, where the brewery/distillery is located. The Village of Maplewood was one of the outlying towns that survived the Great Chicago Fire, and its residents, largely immigrant builders, aided in the rebuilding of the city. The Maplewood are as eventually annexed by Chicago in 1889 to form the Logan Square neighborhood, which we think is pretty great.

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Noon Whistle Brewery

Noon Whistle believes that session beers reflect a lifestyle. The lower alcohol and strong, distinct flavor in our beers can be enjoyed all day with family and friends. It’s great to be able to enjoy delicious flavors and not fall off the stool. Many styles can be session and there is no limit. If you want us to put a number on it, 5% and under. Noon Whistle believes that enjoying a good beer is about enjoying life and its moments. This is one of the reasons why this brewery concentrates on session beers. Let us enjoy the time we have with our friends and families, make new friends along the way and have great memories of it all.

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Old Irving Brewing Co.

OIB logo

Old Irving Brewing Company, located in Chicago’s Old Irving Park neighborhood, is a Chicago brewpub and production brewery helmed by co-founders Jeff Linnemeyer and head brewer, Trevor Rose-Hamblin. Linnemeyer and Rose-Hamblin partnered with chef Matthias Merges and Brian Tijan of Folkart Restaurant Management to open in 2016. Head brewer Rose-Hamblin has brewed beer for over a decade and has a unique brewing background; after graduating from Kendall College he worked for several years as a chef/general manager in some of Chicago’s top restaurants such as Moto and iNG. Before opening Old Irving Brewing, Rose-Hamblin held a three-month internship with BrewDog in Scotland, and he collaborated with some of Chicagoland’s top breweries.

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Ravinia Brewing Company

Ravinia full logo

Our long awaited journey is almost here, and we could not be more excited to be joining the Chicago craft beer scene! We feel so privileged to be a part of not one - but two - truly special communities, and we promise to provide great beer, service, and community no matter where you may find us! From all of us at Ravinia Brewing Company - thank you! Now come grab a beer and a meal - you've got to be thirsty!

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Temperance Beer Co.

It’s taken almost one hundred years, but Evanston can once again call itself home to a Temperance movement, but this time there’s beer. In fact, this one is all about the beer. Aside from that tiny detail, Temperance has always been about making life better in ways big and small. We think that’s a worthy goal, and one that only comes about by being open to the possibilities. It’s something we think about with the beers we brew and the things we do. (And when you join us, you will too.) Welcome to a new Temperance movement. Temperance Beer Company.

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Ten Ninety

Craft beer transforms four simple ingredients into something great. At Ten Ninety, we further this transformation to produce refreshing yet complex and challenging beers from unique ingredients and processes. As we reach beyond traditional combinations of water, malted grain, hops, and yeast, we are unapologetically proud to say that we brew extraordinary small batch beers meant to be thoughtfully enjoyed. Ten Ninety or "1.090" is the approximate measurement of Original Gravity for each of our flagship beers. A higher original gravity means our beers are more likely to complement a fine dining experience. We find inspiration from flavor profiles and cultures the world over. Specific foods have inspired many of our beers and will drive our innovation in the future. We start with food and create a beer to pair with that food. It is subtle differences like these that differentiate us from the rest. Ten Ninety is Craft Beer Elevated.

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Tighthead Brewing Co.

Tighthead Brewing Company is a craft brewery located in Mundelein, a suburb of Chicago. Our brewpub is a neighborhood institution where friends and families can meet up and enjoy great music, wonderful company, and the best beer in town. Since we opened our doors in 2011, we have poured our heart and soul into every glass. Stop in and taste what we’re talking about!

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