Silly Saison

5.2% abv

A Saison beer is a blend of beer. Silly is one of the few Saison brewers that still stores a first batch of the top fermenting beer for about a year, and then blends the old beer with a fresh brewed batch. From this batch part is again stored away for a year. Indeed, brewing Saison is a seasonal artwork performed only once a year. The resulting beer is a balancing act, only mastered by the brewer who tries to get every year the same color, aroma and taste in his Saison. He, Mr. Van der Haegen himself, balances sweetness, bitterness and sourness (from the old beer) into a fabulous copper brown colored beer of about 5.2 % al-cohol by volume. The Saison has a good aging capability: several years when stored prop-erly. Saison should be served rather cold.

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6-4-11.2 oz bottle



20 L keg

676.28oz per keg