Uerige Jrön

6.2% abv

The Wet hop Sticke is quite good – it’s a bit paler than the Sticke thanks to a small amount of wheat malt added to the grist. Hersbrucker wet hops (which were recommended to him by his hop farmer) were used: almost 400 kilos per 60hL batch. Per Dr. Tenge, Hersbrucker is a nearly forgotten variety – he specifically did not want to use one of the new flavor hop varieties that German hop growers are cultivating because they are too dominant and tropical. The Hersbrucker wet hops provide a discernible, but pleasant hop flavor (herbaceous/grassy) that is not overt, but definitely noticeable. The regular Sticke has some aromatics of dried orange peel, cinnamon, anise, and mulled wine type spices -these are all less noticeable in the Wet Hop version.

All Amber and Brown Ales



30 L keg

1014.42oz per keg


6-4-12 oz can