Augustijn Abbey Blonde Ale

8% abv

The Augustinian friars started to brew Augustijn in their Ghent monastery in 1295. During the middle ages, many monks and priests brewed and sold their own beer because the water was contaminated. Brewery Van Steenberge was chosen in 1978 to partner with the monks to brew their beers with a respect for the tradition was guaranteed. This beer will have a fruity and hoppy taste when enjoyed up to 3 months after bottling. When cellared the beer will mature and get a deeper colour and more pronounced flavour.



30 L keg

1014.42oz per keg


3-1-3 L bottle



6-1-1.5 L bottle



1-1-1.5 L bottle



6-1-750 mL bottle



6-4-11.2 oz bottle